A Crack in Time

Maureen Selby -til number three, took off her do’ers and put on see’rs. She had thought that the group of rampaging down the grocery aisle were on a stag do, in fancy dress. But now that they were in focus, she could how wrong she had been. Especially since one of them had just looped off the security guards head.

She should have known something wasn’t right when that robot had come in earlier trying to shop lift a can of oil. It had kept going on and on about being sucked through a ‘temporal vortex’. She’d just presumed it had been art students playing a prank.

Maureen wondered if she should run for it. She doubted she’d get very far though. Her arthritis had been playing up all week and the Mongolians who had just materialised by the DVD’s were clutching bows and arrows. Not that she thought they’d be too concerned with her, seeing as how they were busy fending off the cave men who had just that second come tearing round the corner from the Health and Beauty aisle, but you never knew.

The cave men, as far as Maureen could tell from the pile up, had been running from a band of Vikings who, in turn, had been fleeing four men in space suits. One of whom pointed his ray gun at Maureen and said, if her ears were not very much mistaken, that he was looking for a ‘wormy hole’.

The cheeky sod.

She had a good mind to go and give him a right earful, but at that exact moment the shouts of battle were silenced by an almighty popping sound that seemed to come from somewhere high overhead. It was followed by a flash of purple light, a gust of howling wind and when Maureen opened her eyes the supermarket was empty.

Maureen stared at the pools of blood.

Management would probably want her to help clean up the mess. Well they could bugger off.