Cool Ass Kitsch

As a recovering HOARDER with a tendency to fill my living space with ten tonnes of CRAP, I generally try to stay away from buying ornaments.

But then the other day I saw this a charity shop:



And well, yeah…

Now, clearly, this priceless piece of bric a brac is a Bill Clinton nesting doll.

Well, who do you think is inside?


Ta da! Monica Lewinski. At least I think it is. Although it does look a bit like Geena Davies.

It’s not Geena Davies though, is it?

Moving on. The next doll is:


Uh, okay, so I’m not actually sure exactly who this is meant to be. I’m guessing either Anjelica Huston or Hilary Clinton.


Or is this Hilary Clinton? But then who’s the other one? Is this even a woman?

Oh God, it’s so confusing. If you know the answer please get in touch (mainly ’cause I’m going to be flogging this on Ebay and it will help with the listing description)

Moving on. One doll left. Drum roll please…


It’s a turd…

Okay, so we all know it’s not really a turd.

Oh man, did this make me chuckle.

Please, tell me I’m not the only one who finds this amusing.

Anyway here they all are. On parade. A parade of shame baby, yeah.


Love it.

I think they should do a Tony Blair one: Blair, Bush, Saddam Hussein, loads of dead Iraqi’s, until finally, the last doll is an invisible weapon of mass destruction.

I’d buy that.